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Remote Procedure out parameter Problem

2 posts in General Discussion Last posting was on 2003-11-04 15:20:58.0Z
SangJin Posted on 2003-11-04 05:29:20.0Z
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Subject: Remote Procedure out parameter Problem
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I am using proxy table and remote procedure between asa 8.0.2 and oracle 8

I want to get return value through remote procedure out parameter.
but out parameter value always returns a default value of variable

why this case happened?

please help me !!!

following script is a test script.

[Oracle procedure]
create or replace procedure getStatus
(as_out out int) IS
as_out := 10;

[ASA Remote procedure]
create PROCEDURE "DBA"."getStatus"(out v_param integer) at

[Remote procedure call]
create variable v_param int;
call sp_popstatus(v_param);
select v_param from dummy;

[ Result ]

Stephen Rice Posted on 2003-11-04 15:20:58.0Z
Newsgroups: ianywhere.public.general
Subject: Re: Remote Procedure out parameter Problem
From: Stephen Rice <>
References: <3fa73a59@forums-2-dub>
Organization: iAnywhere Solutions
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I've never tried it but your syntax appears correct. The big difference
is that the RPC call is being made through ODBC vs using the native
oracle interface using sqlplus. To diagnose this further you should:

- take an ODBC trace of the RPC call and see what is actually being done
- try the same sequence using ODBCTest

If it fails in odbctest then you need to determine why the odbc driver
you are using is not working. It may be worth trying the iAnywhere ODBC
driver for Oracle that comes with MobiLink.


Stephen Rice
Technical Services Manager
iAnywhere Solutions

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