When I use OneBridge 4.0 to connect my PIM Palm apps with Lotus PIM
databases everything is working fine. I'm using Lotus ID files to connect.
When I try to sync a custom Appforge PDB database with a custom Lotus Notes
database, it connects always using the Admin ID (this is the ID configured
in the Database Adapter). Why don't use the username from the user
connected? I can see this is running in this manner because the records
written from the Palm to the Lotus DB are "modified by Admin user" (in the
document properties), not by the user expected to be.
So... the READERS fields are not working because the connexion to the
database is not using the user name defined in the Palm.

in one machine: the Lotus Domino 5.0.11 server
in another machine: OneBridge 4.0.2003.908 (30 days trial version) and Lotus
Notes Client 5.0.11

Thank you,
Israel R Cotes.