Hi all,

I'm proud to announce the ADS LogManager product family, a
full-featured logging/auditing suite for Advantage Database
Server 7 and higher.

ADS LogManager logs data changes in the database for different
data manipulation operations (Delete/Insert/Update) on user-
definable database objects (tables, columns). A point-and-click
interface enables you to define easily, which database objects
should be logged. If you are interested in logging a history of
price changes in a table ARTICLE, just define it with one
mouse-click and.

Main features:
- Supports Advantage Database Server 7 and higher
- Server-side logging mechanism
- Table operation logging
- Table column logging (including BLOBs)
- User-definable conditional logging
- Browse, export log data
- Addon ADSLMViewer: "Read Only" version of ADS LogManager to
browse/export logged data, without the capability to change
the logging schema
- Addon ADSLMExport: Command-line utility to export logged
data into different formats
- And much more

More information, including a 30 days trial download is
available here. http://www.adslogmanager.com

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer

Logging/Auditing Suite for InterBase and Firebird
Logging/Auditing Suite for Advantage Database Server 7