Hello Gurus,

We are trying run an application written in eVB 3.0 on a
Simplified Chinese version of Pocket PC 2003. This
application will use ASA 7.0.4 database on this Pocket PC.
We have problem in handling the Simplified Chinese
characters with this kind of application.

The problem is like this:

When we try to input a chinese character in the eVB
application and save it, there is no error.
When we try to retrieve the chinese character just keyed in,
it displays as rubbish.

The ASA database was initialized with the UTF8 as database

We tried to change the database collation into EUC_CHINA.
But it doesn't help!

Do you have any idea? Or is there anything that goes wrong?

If I am not making myself clear, please let me know. I shall
be ready to provide any information to resolve this problem.

Thank you in advance.