November 20th., 2003 Dublin, California - In support of our ongoing
commitment to professional certifications, Sybase
is pleased to announce the availability of the PowerBuilder Professional
(Version 9) Certification Exam and Practice Exam in the
Sybase Certified Professional (CSP) Program .

This certification is an industry benchmark and establishes the standard for
measuring an individual's proficiency in building
client-server and web applications using PowerBuilder. The exam is
appropriate for individuals who are Application
Developers, Web Developers and Data Application Designers; and was written
collaboratively with input from independent
consultants, customers, partners and Sybase internal employees.

To help test takers prepare for this exam, we are also pleased to announce
the availability of the PowerBuilder
Professional (Version 9) Certification Practice Exam. With over 200
questions, this tool serves as an excellent
resource for assessing one's skills and determining where additional
learning or study may be required, prior to
taking the actual exam. Sybase also has posted a free sample exam for
Please refer to the link below for download information, the exam study
guide and complete exam details.

Study Guide available at:
Sample Practice Exam (for trial) available at:
Full Practice Exam (for purchase) available at:

By earning the Certified Sybase PowerBuilder Professional (Version 9)
Certification credential, individuals are demonstrating
that they have the skills required to lead organizations in the successful
design, implementation, and development of
PowerBuilder applications.

For more information about the Sybase Certified Professional Program, please
visit or email

Sam Lakkundi
Sybase Certified Professional Program Manager


"A great deal of care was taken to assure that the test is representative of
knowledge a developer will actually need to have in
order to be considered a PowerBuilder expert. It is a fair assessment of a
developer's true skill level." Bethesda, MD, USA

"The Certification exam is well written and helps PowerBuilder professionals
to test the knowledge and skills to do the
job right." Concord, NH, USA

"This examination was developed by a team of seasoned professionals that
included Sybase engineers, partners, and users.
As such it provides a comprehensive and balanced assessment of PowerBuilder
skills as should be applied in real-world,
business applications." Concord, MA, USA

"When you pass the PowerBuilder 9 Professional exam you have proven that
your knowledge of the product is much more than the result
of a two week crash course." Copenhagen, Denmark.

"This certification exam is straight forward and validates the experience
and practical knowledge of the person taking it.
It goes to the meat of the product, not the small details that can be
referenced when needed." Detroit, MI, USA

"The PowerBuilder 9 Certification exam will show your practical knowledge of
the product, not your knowledge of the
manuals. The person who passes this test is someone I want working on my
project." Bethesda, MD, USA

"The PowerBuilder 9 Professional exam is a comprehensive test of your
PowerBuilder knowledge developing for both C/S, n-tier and
web. It is developed by a team of PowerBuilder experts to test your
PowerBuilder skillset with no trick questions and no
hidden features." Copenhagen, Denmark.