For the database server, we use a DELL server system with
two processors, a raid five harddisk controller and 12 Gb

We have activated the extended memory function of windows
2003 with the /3GB and /PAE parameters in the Boot.ini.
Further we use the –CR startparameter to activate the 64
bit memory addressing of ASA 8.02.

With this configuration the server system stops with a blue
screen after a few minutes. If we start the ASA 8.02 without
the –CR parameter and use only 1,7 Gb memory, the system
runs correctly, but slowly, because the database size is 9

The hardware is listed in a compatible list for Windows 2003
and ASA 8.02 EBF 4301 is accredited for Windows 2003.

Could somebody give us help for this problem or some
existing experience with an analogical configuration,