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Several address books with OneBridge

2 posts in Lotus Last posting was on 2004-01-15 15:53:02.0Z
"Jose Andres Calvo" <jacalvo Posted on 2004-01-07 08:56:13.0Z
From: "Jose Andres Calvo" <jacalvo@>
Newsgroups: XCS_GE.Lotus
Subject: Several address books with OneBridge
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 09:56:13 +0100
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we are migrating from IBM Mobile Connect to OneBridge Server 4.0. IBM Mobile
Connect is similar to XTND Connect Server 2.6. At the begining we were
planning to install XCS, but at the end we changed to IBM's product. We had
luck because all the configuration could be replicated with the IBM Mobile

In the configuration we have in production there is three different address
books, one bidirectional and two more only to be downloaded in the device.
Each address book is assigned to one different category in the device, so
the different contacts don?t mix. This is made changing the values of the
'Category' field to a fixed value and filtering the data during the
synchronization for each different address book synchronization task. This
is the configuration that someone in these news gave me one year ago
(unfortunately I can?t find the message).

Well, that is the past and what works now. How can I make the same
synchronization with OneBridge Server? Here the reseller has told me that
this is not possible because (or at least very difficult):
a) IBM Mobile Connect is a different product. But in the beginning this
configuration was not for that product, it was for XCS. So it should be
available in this new version (I hope).
b) To do that, we need 4 different connectors and each one of them installed
in a different server: one server for mail, task, etc. and the other 3 for
the address books. I almost can?t believe this.

Could you help me?
Thanks for all,

Jose Andres

P.D.: Excuse my poor english.

ccoraboeuf Posted on 2004-01-15 15:53:02.0Z
Subject: Re: Several address books with OneBridge
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Look at this Technical Information :

I did not test it yet

Christophe Coraboeuf