I am trying to create a DSN that will use the "Sybase system 11" driver,
using vb5.0 and SQLConfigDataSource api call. I did not have much success..
I can create the DSN for MS-Access and even MS-SQL server but not Sybase?!?

here is the code:

x = -1
Driver = "Sybase System 11"
Attrib = "DSN=MyDSN" & Chr(0) & "SERVER=XYZ" & Chr(0) & "DATABASE=MyDB"
& _
chr(0) & chr (0)
RetVal = SQLConfigDataSource(x, ODBC_ADD_DSN, Driver, Attrib)

SQLConfigDataSource always returns false when I try to create a Sybase DSN.

I would appreciate any help with this problem,

Thank you.

Paul Sanchez