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Exchanging data with a PbClient and ejbs

2 posts in EJB Client Last posting was on 2004-01-23 08:03:00.0Z
jomarca1 Posted on 2004-01-14 10:51:20.0Z
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Subject: Exchanging data with a PbClient and ejbs
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How could I do this?

Gökhan Demir Posted on 2004-01-23 08:03:00.0Z
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Subject: Re: Exchanging data with a PbClient and ejbs
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I have written a result set processor that traverses and retrieves the
jdbc result set and generates a big string suitable for datawindow
importstring function.

Another approach would be to produce an xml string, but I was afraid it
would be slower.

To exchange updatable data between tiers, I used my own value object and
value object list patterns, which are pure java classes that can hold
state information. It is much like datawindow getchanges, setchanges,
getfullstate, setfullstate stuff, without the visual dw info embedded.

All of these approaches require you to code your own mechanisms.

When using EAServer as your ejb server however, you can use
TabularResults package, which is specific to Sybase but open-source. It
produces a serializable result set (tds) which is suitable for

Gokhan Demir

jomarca1 wrote:

> How could I do this?
> Thanks