A previous thread dating back to November 2002 discussed the best way to
distribute CAB files to PocketPC devices without a) having to leave the CAB
on the device in read-only mode, or b) having to run some additional logic
such as removing the source CAB file.

One of the Extended Systems technicians (Jason Masner) suggested that he
would take this up and perhaps implement a similar system that already
exists for the XTNDConnect/OneBridge client, whereby although the CAB file
is removed after installation, the device still flags it as being there.
Hence, running the install action a second time does not result in the CAB
being copied over, even though it is 'technically' no longer there. The
plan appeared to be to implement this for all CABs. As far as I can tell,
this has not found its way into the latest OneBridge version (2004.0107).

The trouble with leaving the CAB on the device (apart from the space it
takes up) is that when you want to install a newer version of the
application, the install/copy action is not able to copy the new CAB over
the old one (removing it in the process), as it is read-only. What happens
is the new CAB gets renamed to something else, runs, gets deleted, and the
original CAB is still there! When the action runs a second time, the whole
process happens again.

One simple solution may be to simply add the option to install/copy over a
read-only file (a similar option exists for the delete action). Are there
any other plans to improve the software distribution options, or does anyone
have any thoughts as to the best way to achieve this?