In install shield code, I am trying to list the total number of servers
on a network in a drop down box so that the user can pick the server he/she
wants to work with. To do this I am executing dblocate's ouput into a file
and parsing the server name out of that file and displaying it in the combo
On the network I have few servers which have name longer that 20
charecters. I get a connection error as such server name does not exist on
the network.
For example:
wadbserver_web-vb-vss (21 charecters of length) this gets
displayed in the dblocate as wadbserver_web-vb-vs (20 charecters of length)
with the last charetcer 's' being chpped off.
Is there a way I can get the full name of the server from dblocate, with
out the name being chopped off after 20th cahrecter onwards?

Please Assist.