I had gotten ADS6.2 and Win98 Dialup Server to work quite nicely on 28Kbps
when I was evaluating ADS a bit over a year ago.

Now that I'm ready to use this configuration (except I'm now using ADS7.0
and WinXP incoming connection instead) it refuses to work. I keep getting
6610 error after a minute or so. I've included my settings in the attached
UDL. The same settings work perfectly if I connect on the LAN. On the
WinXP incoming connection I force the remote machine to use a specific IP
address. On the remote machine dialup connection I set the IP address to
the one specified on the server. ADS server is configured with default

Why should the discovery process take longer than 5-10 sec? I can connect
to the SQLServer that is running on the same WinXP machine on the same 28K
link in <2 sec.

I really cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Brian Morris