Does anyone have any experience using PrintGetPrinters() with a PowerBuilder
8 app running within Citrix? We are using PowerBuilder 8.0.3 Build 9704 - I
realize it is an older release; we are very cautious in upgrading to newer
EBF's, due to the size of our app and the time it takes to test it.

The problem: We have deployed an application within Citrix, and we are
having problems with the string returned by PrintGetPrinters(). The list of
printers is being returned OK, but the portID stops at '99'. We have
several hundred printers configured on Citrix, but PrintGetPrinters()
appears to be returning only the first 99.

Has anyone encountered this problem or has any experience using
PrintGetPrinters() under Citrix? I would highly appreciate your help.

So for example: these are the last three lines that PrintGetPrinters() is
returning, even though we have more than a 100 printers:

Client\TEST1`#\\\Bscspsrv46\PPRT0138 winspool Ne97:
Client\TEST2#\HP LaserJet 4050 Series PCL 5e winspool Ne98:
Client\TEST3#\hp LaserJet 1150 PCL 5e [UPD:PCL4] winspool Ne99: