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number of clients

2 posts in General Discussion Last posting was on 2004-04-23 22:39:50.0Z
Mirco Simoni Posted on 2004-04-13 15:35:02.0Z
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Subject: number of clients
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how many clients can a single m-business server support, please?


Dan Comfort Posted on 2004-04-23 22:39:50.0Z
From: Dan Comfort <>
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Subject: Re: number of clients
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Hi Mirco,

That's a tough question to answer. There are many variables that
impact the number of clients a server can support, including hardware,
number of concurrent users, the types of connections they use, how
much data they sync, how much is cached, how respnsive web servers are
and so forth.

We have many customers who have more than one sync server, and when
this is needed it's extremely easy to implement.

You're welcome to contact me directly if you'd like, and I'd be happy
to discuss this in more detail with you and/or any customer.

Dan Comfort
Enterprise Support Engineer
iAnywhere Solutions

On 13 Apr 2004 07:35:02 -0800, "Mirco Simoni" <>


>how many clients can a single m-business server support, please?