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Debug mode of application

2 posts in Appeon (partner product) Last posting was on 2004-04-15 03:48:44.0Z
Joe Posted on 2004-04-14 21:59:42.0Z
From: Joe
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Subject: Debug mode of application
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Hi guys,

Could you tell me how to run application in debug mode and
where I can find the log file?


Julie Jiang Posted on 2004-04-15 03:48:44.0Z
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Subject: Re: Debug mode of application
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Hi Joe,

If you want to run an application in debug mode and view the log file, you can find the instructions from the following sections in the Appeon Developer User Guide: section 4.2.4.c (JS log option for debug); chapter 10 (JavaScript log configuration).  The following are some highlights from the sections:
STEP 1: Check the JS Log option in Appeon Config --> Application Profiles tab from the Appeon Developer toolbar.  This is a switch to enable/disable log writing for each application profile.
STEP 2: Use incremental mode to re-deploy the application with Appeon Deployment Wizard. 
STEP 3: Configure the log-writing settings in the JSLog Config --> Log-writing Setting tab in the Appeon Developer toolbar. 
・ Unselect the Use Appeon Log Start and Stop Points checkbox, so that the log writing will take effect in the whole application. 
・ Select the functions/events in the Log-writing at Function/Event Level listbox, so that the logging information will be written down each time the selected functions/events are executed. 
STEP 4: The JSLog Config -> Log File Setting tab on the Appeon Developer toolbar includes settings for:
・ The log file path
・ The log file name
・ The log file size limit
By default, the log file (JsLog.txt) will be saved to the %application name%\debug folder under Appeon installation path, for example, C:\Program Files\Appeon\Developer\sales_application_demo\debug\. 
STEP 5: Run the Web application.  The application now runs in the debug mode, and you will be able to find the runtime log in the above-said default (or specified) log file path.
Please note, applications deployed with the JSLog option enabled cannot be accessed from a machine that does not have Appeon Developer installed.  For example, if you access the Web application from a remote client, there may be an error message "JSLog is not an object". If the application profile is set to JS Log-enabled in the Appeon Developer Configuration | Application Profiles tab, the generated Web application will search for Appeon Developer and try to write logs to the folder specified in the Log File Path of the JSLog Config window. As designed by Appeon, the JSLog-writing functionality only works when you are running the Web application from the machine running Appeon Developer.
Julie Jiang
Appeon Corporation

<Joe> wrote in message
> Hi guys,
> Could you tell me how to run application in debug mode and
> where I can find the log file?
> Thanks
> Joe