Running PB 9 build 7151
W2k SP 4 (also tested on SP2,SP 3 and winXPProf)

Because of the color limitions when using bmp and jpg we are using ico files
for our menutoolbar.
This worked very well, until today.

I noticed that when you change the window's appearance (right click on
Window's desktop ->properties -> appearance tab page) to one of large window
scheme's ico files are no longer displayed correctly but are replaced by a
Also the Item's ToolBarItemName property gets the value 'NotFound!' instead
of the path + ico file name.
It seems that PB has a problem when the size the TitleBarButtons is
increased by more than 1 pixel compared to the Window's Standard scheme.

This problem exists both in the development environment as well as anu

I just thought you might want to know this if you're using ico files in the
menu toolbar.