I would like your assistance with the following

OBMG 4.0.908 on Windows 2000
Notes 5.08 on all servers and clients
iPAQ 1940 (and 2210), cradle sync
No Active Sync involved.
Service running under local system account,
Distributed installation. Sync engine on server 1, Notes adapter on server 2

2 problems which seem to be related
1. Accasionally a calendar entry is duplicated on the iPAQ's.
2. After an initial sync evices syncs OK for about 1-2 weeks then no new
records in the Calendar on PDA are synced back to server.
Problem involves two users from this customer. Both users experience both
problems, other users from same customer are syncing without problems.

Problem 1
We've not been able to isolate the actual sync on which the record is
duplicated, However we are standing by with a Notes adapter log of 5 and the
sync engine logs enabled.
No duplicate exist in Notes (All documents, Notes Peek). After initial sync
the second entry is gone.
So far we've seen no logic in which records are affected

Problem 2
When making a new record on the PDA calendar (or ten, for test purposes), on
the subsequent sync it does not appear in Notes. No trace is seen from the
record being detected by the PDA application and sending it to server. No
entry in the normal log file, No entry in Log 5 Notes adapter, No entry in
Sync engine, and as far as i can see it is not detected by the PDA
application as a new record.
After a initial sync device will run smoothly for 1-2 weeks, after which no
changes are send to server.

All other PIM applications are syncing OK

Both users are heavy users, With plenty of appointments in their calendar.

Solutions tried:
As both users were using the 1940 (and nobody else) we suspected an error
related to this specific device. So we switched on of them with a 2210. So
far the Problem 2 has happened on this 2210.

Upgrading to 4.1. Is not really an option, we would have to upgrade 5
servers and 60 clients + desktop connectors.
If this WILL solve the problem we will upgrade, but only if we know it for

Best regards,

Herman Engbers
Sigmax PDA Solutions