I custom built .asp pages to read from a live .DBF file to get real time
quantity and such. The .asp pages are working great all the time. There is
also an internal system built with Clipper that accesses the same .DBF
table. Every time we run the .asp page and the Clipper program
simultaneously, we get a Sharing Violation DBFCDXAX[1001] OS CODE [32] in
the Clipper program. It seems the error is generated from the Advantage

While reading about Sharing Violation in the Advantage Knowledge base it

"The Advantage Database Server cannot open a file that was previously opened
by a non-Advantage application in a writable mode if Advantage Proprietary
Locking is being used. To resolve this problem, you can do one of two
1) Do not open the file in a writable mode with a non-Advantage
2) Use Advantage Compatibility Locking to open the file in the Advantage
application. Advantage Compatibility Locking (a.k.a. AXS Locking Off) will
allow Advantage to access tables that are also open by non-Advantage
applications. Compatibility Locking reverts file access to standard Xbase
locking schemes rather than using the Advantage internal, high-performance
proprietary locking scheme."

Therefore I probobly do not want to use Advantage Compatibility Locking.
Does any know of a CONNECTION STRING that I can use that would open .MDF
files as READ ONLY state? I have tried to use the VFP drivers and the XBASE
drivers and both of those seem to envoke the sharing violation on the

Do you have any advice for me in resolving this error? Thanks in advance for
any of your help...