I am trying to use the ADS server and client drivers to make updates to
existing VFP 7 DBF and CDX files. I had encountered a problem making
updates, inserts and deletes against the table when the CDX file was created
by VFP. We then re-created te CDX file using ADS Data Architect and it
appearsed the VFP was able to use the CDX file created by ADS. What we have
found is that two of the indexes in the CDX are based on 4 byte Integer data
fields (the indexes are on individual fields, no compounds). When we
attempt to find records using the field/index on these Integer fields from
VFP, it cannot find anything.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I have a noticed a couple
of posts regarding the use of the STR() function creating differences
between VFP and ADS, is this another similar VFP/ADS incompatibility?

Doug Watson