The following error occurred after upgrading one of our databases from verion 5.5.05 to ASA9.01(1862) using the rebuild.bat process. The upgrade process appeared to be error free. After the database upgrade, the database update process ( altering schema, triggers, stored procedures) runs. This step is where the error occurs. The update process ( updatedb.scr ) contains: read file statements, calls to stored procedures, alter statements, and message statements for debugging. The update process returned from a read file statement, executed the message statement and then called stored procedure: spModeSet, the message after the call does not appear. updatedb.scr ( contents) -------------------------------------------- delete from tblaalver where maj_ver = 'DR2003D'; read updatedb_init.sql; message 'returned from (updatedb_init.sql ) ' + string(now(*)); read updatedb_check.sql; message 'returned from (updatedb_check.sql ) ' + string(now(*)); -- Disable the triggers from firing during the database update process CALL spModeSet('DBUPDATE',1); message 'returned from spModeSet' + string(now(*)); --------------------------------------------   *** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 100905 ( Articles on the table use do not match those on the table definition   The section of the update process that is bombing has worked for years with version 5.5.05. The error occurs on some databases after the 5.5.05 database has been gone through the rebuild.bat process to upgrade it to ASA9.0.1 (1862). This same error occurred with previous ASA9.0.1 EBFs. CREATE TABLE "tblAALModes" ( "Db_id" char(50) not null, "ModeName" char(10) not null, "ModeValue" integer not null, "proc_date_time_stamp" TIMESTAMP DEFAULT TIMESTAMP, primary key (DB_id, ModeName) );     create procedure "DBA".spModeSet(inout pModeName char(10),inout pdefault integer) begin DECLARE var_DBid varchar(50); CALL spGetDatabaseID( var_DBid ); if exists ( Select 1 from tblAALModes Where ModeName = pModeName AND DB_id = var_DBid ) then UPDATE tblAALModes SET ModeValue = pdefault WHERE ModeName = pModeName AND DB_id = var_DBid; else INSERT into tblAALModes(DB_id, ModeName, ModeValue) values (var_DBid, pModeName, pdefault); end if; end;   Any ideas on what to to look for? workaround? Thanks in advance, Dave