I work for a company that uses applications written in powerbuilder on
ASA (and oracle) databases. I have a problem with syntaxfromsql that
is apparently quite common.

In some window there is a datawindow generated with syntaxfromsql. The
query is based on multiple tables, but in the datawindow syntax, the
dbname property only contains the fieldname and not
tablename.fieldname. The name property is also only the fieldname.

This problem only appear on the database of one customer, and does not
appear on the databases of other customers. All the databases are ASA
10 db's. It can be reproduced on any computer.

DBParm property of the transaction contains
"AutoStop=Yes',DisableBind=1,DelimitIdentifier='No'". I already trid
with DBCatalogOwner and it didn't have any success.

Does anyone have any idea or suggestion?

Thank you