June 23, 2004

Dear developers,

Intersoft Lab announces the immediate commercial availability of the new
product versions:
- ContourCube 2.0 ActiveX
- Contour CubeMaker 2.0
In this announce, you'll find top features added to the new versions of
Contour components and tools, as well as of the new upcoming product of the
Contour family - Contour OLAPBrowser.

ContourCube 2.0 ActiveX

ContourCube is a high-performance OLAP component for interactive reporting
and data analysis. It offers embeddable OLAP technology for Windows and web
applications based on relational data. Application powered with ContourCube
allows non technical users to create tons of nice-formed screen and
printable reports in minute, slice and dice, drill down and roll up without
additional OLAP server.
ContourCube is one of the leaders in the market of desktop OLAP components.
It represents the new generation of embeddable OLAP controls, providing
functionality and performance comparable to modern OLAP servers.
New improvements in version 2.0 are focused on programming suitability,
calculation capabilities and data visualization features:
- New object model
- Multidimensional formula language
- Flexible percentage calculations
- Higher Degree Of Interactivity
- Conditional styles
- Hierarchical dimension filtering
- XML data support (for ContourCube VCL)
- Printing feature
- Runtime editors
- Cell and DataPoint objects
- Conditional filtering of dimensions
- Enhanced printing capabilities
- Localization technology
- A lot of other improvements

See complete list of features at ContourCube product home page:
Download free ContourCube 2.0 Trial from
Purchase ContourCube 2.0 online from
Clients purchased earlier version in last three months, request a free
upgrade at http://www.contourcomponents.com/cgi-bin/register.cgi

Contour CubeMaker 2.0

Contour CubeMaker produces Contour microcubes - multidimensional databases
that contain both data and metadata describing the user interface layouts.
These very compact cubes can then be transferred via the Internet or
attached to an email message for use in a ContourCube application providing
interactive analysis and reporting.
Using Contour CubeMaker in conjunction with your ContourCube powered
application allows you to create and update Web pages that provide data
filtering and summarizing capabilities to a wide range of users, Windows
applications for corporate users, Internet/Intranet sites with downloadable
microcubes, mailing systems for report distribution.
In version 2.0, we implemented loading source data from XML files, which can
be located either locally, or on a web server, or in a FTP directory. This
allowed to build flexible systems based on various platforms, to read data
directly by URL, this way getting online data from remote branches of your
organization, or load information from a secure remote database.
The function of reading multiple data files from local disk or FTP location
by a wildcard has been introduced. Loaded files are automatically merged,
which enables easy creating of data collecting systems, or XML data marts.
Also, Contour CubeMaker 2.0 Trial does no more display evaluation dialog
upon each launch. This has been made in order to allow users to try running
CubeMaker in background mode, for example, run from an Active Server Page.
The new version includes advanced ASP Web Solution Demo, intended for report
distribution. It allows end users to interactively create new reports and
distribute them by email or immediately open with new Contour product - OLAP

See detailed product information at Contour CubeMaker home page:
Download free Contour CubeMaker 2.0 Trial from
Purchase Contour CubeMaker 2.0 online from
Clients purchased earlier version in last three months, request a free
upgrade at http://www.contourcomponents.com/cgi-bin/register.cgi

Coming soon - Contour OLAPBrowser

Contour OLAPBrowser is a web-oriented end-user software for data access,
analysis and interactive reporting on a single PC, on the local network or
on the web. It provides multi-windowed user interface for viewing
interactive reports, web pages and MS Office documents in a single
application. With OLAPBrowser users can slice and dice through data, make
graphical analysis, configure and print multiple reports with sub-second
response times.
Contour OLAPBrowser gets data and reports from Contour microcubes, which are
mobile report containers storing extremely compressed multidimensional
databases and sets of nice formed reports. Such file can be published to web
sites, network directories, or sent by email. OLAPBrowser has easy to use
and user-friendly interface based on MS Internet Explorer. User should just
type the URL of the microcube he wants in the Address bar or click a link on
the web page to receive a pack of his company's reports.

See more on Contour OLAPBrowser at

Home page of Contour Components and Tools: http://www.contourcomponents.com

ContourComponents support team