We are planning to use iAnywhere to solve data synchronization issue in our
forms development application.

I would like to know in what different ways can we create the ASA version of
the database on the mobile device.
From my understanding of the software, mobilink offers synchronization
between the consolidted and the remote database. the consolidated database
is the ASA database, the remote Db can be anyone of the Dbs that iAnywhere
offers compatibility with. My question is that what should be the database
type on the mobile device ?(I believe it is ASA mobile version or
Ultralite -- i would be glad if someone comments if this is right.)

Now if this is the case...how do I first create the database on the mobile
device ?---if using ASA .... how...can it be embedded in the
mobileapplication that is deployed on the mobile device ?

Any clue to the above problem will be highly appreciated.