Have you ever wanted to try out a product or look at a new feature of a
product, but not want to install locally or try new features on your
production installation? TrySybase offers you the capability to experience
Sybase products. We have on-line labs that provide you access to a machine
that has products preinstalled and configured. We also have on-line
demonstrations that allow you to access web enabled products or features in
a shared environment. Currently some of the products that you can experience
are PowerDesigner, Unwired Orchastror, SQL Anywhere Studio, Adaptive Server
Enterprise, Enterprise Portal, Appeon. Stay tuned as more products and more
labs and demos are added.

Visit http://www.try.sybase.com to experience Sybase Products

Any comments or feedback on the site, labs and demos is appreciated. Please
visit http://www.try.sybase.com/trysybase/feedback if you have any comments.

Thank You