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query mode

2 posts in Appeon (partner product) Last posting was on 2004-07-29 06:25:37.0Z
Allen Posted on 2004-07-28 20:16:25.0Z
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Subject: query mode
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query mode can support in appeon ??

Julie Jiang Posted on 2004-07-29 06:25:37.0Z
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Hi Allen,

It depends on how you want to do the query.

1) Querying by setting the QueryMode to true is unsupported.

2) Using either of the following two methods is supported:

Method #1: popping up a Query window
STEP 1: Add a Query button.  At the click of the Query button, a Query window pops up.
STEP 2: The user inputs query criteria in the Query window.
STEP 3: After clicking Ok in the Query window, the current DataWindow only displays the desired data.
(Recommended) Method #2: entering Query criteria in the DataWindow directly and then querying.  This method is easier to apply since Appeon engineer has designed an of_query function for it (as attached.  Change the file extension to .txt to view the content).
STEP 1: Define an of_query function.  Copy the content in the attached of_query function.txt as the syntax for the function.
STEP 2: Place a Query button beside the DataWindow.  In the Clicked event of the Query button, add syntax similar to the following:
   for i=1 to n
of_query(dw_1)   //call to the of_query function
There is a limitation with this method however: the operators such as <, >, =, >=, <=, <>, LIKE, IN, AND, and OR, can be recognized only in columns of Char, Date and Time data type.  For other columns, the only operator that can be used for querying is "=".
Julie Jiang
Appeon Corporation

"Allen" <> wrote in message news:41080999$1@forums-1-dub...
> Hi
>    query mode can support in appeon ??