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tool bar and title bar sizeing

2 posts in General Discussion Last posting was on 2004-08-17 04:32:23.0Z
phani kumar Posted on 2004-08-06 15:52:38.0Z
From: "phani kumar" <>
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Subject: tool bar and title bar sizeing
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we have a typical requirement from the user.
we have a application made for 648*480 resolution.
Now we are upgrading it to 1024*768 resolution.
we did many screens programmitically by increasing size of the controls by
And changed font size to 12 pnt arial which was 9 pnt.

every thing sized but title bar and tool bar left with small font and small
Client is asking to do some thing like Ms Word -> options -> large icons.
which shows large icons in Ms Word.

We didnt find any property to set for these change

Greg Fenton Posted on 2004-08-17 04:32:23.0Z
From: Greg Fenton <>
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Subject: Re: tool bar and title bar sizeing
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phani kumar wrote:
> every thing sized but title bar and tool bar left with small font and small
> icons.

I believe you have posted to the wrong newsgroup. Might you be looking
for sybase.public.powerbuilder.* ?

Greg Fenton
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