Has anyone seen the behaviour described below? If so please let me know.

We see that -under certain conditions and from a certain point onwards- no
new records of the PIM applications created on the PDA are send to the
server for insertion in Exchange / Notes.

We've seen this behaviour at two of our customers, one notes environment,
one Exchange environment.
The devices used are iPAQ's 1940, 2210 and 5550

Most of the time a soft reset solves this issue and from that point onwards
newly created records sync OK. However we are getting some reports that
this soft reset does not always work.

We have been working with Extended Systems support to resolve this issue but
so far we have not been able to reproduce it. From our analysis we conclude
(and have confirmed )that the CEPIMChanges process must have stopped working
or stopped completely. Resetting the device will normally start this process
again but does not prevent it from crashing again. From 4.2 (and also a
certain hot fix in 4.1) this process is run as a service but this has not
changed the behaviour.

So again my call to the OBMG users:
Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

Best regards,

Herman Engbers
Sigmax PDA Solutions