FYI .. I have just posted the new STD Foundation Classes for PPB 1.5.2
(sorry I am so late behind the actual PPB release - but I was on vacation)
to Sybase's CodeXchange server. I have also posted an updated sample
application built from the FC's as well. Here are the highlights of the new

1) Added new DataWindow mapped events "oe_dropdown" and
""oe_close_dropdown" to the DW Control classes.
This allows any application to be notified when a DDDDW activity occurs.
2) Automatic scrolling of the DW Object within the DW Control as you tab
through the various columns.
3) Full support for the PPC 2003SE O/S for the "Landscape" vs. "Portrait"
4) Corrected the SIP state on a new dialog when opening from another dialog.
The new dialog's SIP inherits
the previous dialog's SIP state.
5) The "toolbar" adjustment height has been fine tuned so that all dialogs
resize their controls properly.
In the previous version of the FC's, the horizontal scroll bar would be
slightly under the Toolbar.
6) The DataStore object was corrected to handle a transaction object that
was not connected or not
even instantiated yet. This makes it possible to use DS's with External
DW's and no DB connection!
7) Added Window code to use the Notification Bubble through simple Window
class function call's.
(i.e.: of_set_nb_message method - Note: this is over-loaded)
8) Various inline code documentation cleanup.

Regards ... Chris Pollach
Great White North Technical Evangelist