We are able to successfully sync Treo 600s, Windows CE, and Sony P800/900
devices with OneBridge to our Lotus Notes 6.5.2 servers.

We have the sync configured to store the address book entries directly in
the mail file using the iNotes templates. This works fine too except for one

When the user defines the email address in a Contact with the type "Internet
Mail", then Notes will populate the field with the following format
(including quotes):

"LastName, FirstName" username@domain.com

The problem is that when OneBridge syncs this information, it populates the
field as an exact copy but replaces non-alpha characters with their hex
equivalents. When the user looks at the Contact in their device, the email
address looks like:


If the user changes the address type in Notes to the type "Other" and fixes
the email address then the data in the device is fine.

Is this a known situation with no fix other than the one I mentioned?