Strong, intermediate to advanced PowerBuilder developer

Intermediate background in database design, stored procedures development etc

Web skills are a plus but not mandatory

6 to 9 month contract

Assist in upgrading (to PB 9.x), modifying, and deploying enhancements to
various existing PB applications. Enhancements could be to any or all
application objects, including reports, backend processes, and so forth.

Assist in modifying the database design and objects for various existing PB

Actively participate in the design processes for the upgrades, enhancements and
break-fixes for various PB applications.

Most applications run against Sybase 11.x and 12.x. However we also run MS SQL
2K and, more rarely, Oracle 8i and 9i. There's also a smattering of UDB/DB2.

Do not post responses here. Instead, sumbit resume with compenstation
requirements to "Les Thompson" <>

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