As a follow-up to my previous post below, thanks to everyone who has taken
the time to complete the SQL Anywhere technical surveys. We have received
some excellent feedback! To accommodate for summer vacations, we've
extended the survey to October 1st. You can complete it online at: Here's your chance to make your opinion

Mike Paola
Sr. Group Product Manager
iAnywhere Solutions

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iAnywhere invites you to participate in an important technical survey from
the SQL Anywhere Studio engineering team. We're requesting input from
application developers, project designers, and database administrators like
you to learn more about your use of SQL Anywhere, as well as your favorite
features and suggested enhancements. This survey is for research purposes
only; your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

If you've interacted with SQL Anywhere engineers through our Developer
Community, newsgroups, webcasts, and other forums, you know that we place a
high value on user feedback. Customer input is the number one driver of new
SQL Anywhere Studio enhancements. Your participation in the survey will have
an impact on the future development of SQL Anywhere Studio.

Make your opinion count. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey at

We look forward to your feedback.

Mike Paola, Sr. Group Product Manager