Hi all,

we are experiencing some strange problems since migrating to v5.5 of the
mbusiness client (build 95, PPC2003 platform), wander if these problems are
fixed in the new build.

- memory leakage while on xml database (apparently that should be fixed
somewhat in the newest build)
- the client looses pending forms when an unexpected reset of the device
takes place (the user resets the device without doing a CTRL-Q on the
client, thus corrupting the forms index file because the forms are actually
there on the device, the client just doesnt see them) - this is an old story
and it doesnt happen every time, thus it is difficult to replicate
- the client sometimes unexpectedly shuts down (especially after a sudden
reset). After a sudden reset of the device, sometimes it is not possible to
even start up the client (the client starts up and automatically shuts
down). In order to start up the client again, it is necessary to delete the
contents of /program files/avantgo/databases/aghistory directory.
- after an unsuccessful synchronization (eg. dropped connection), the client
upon the next synch is trying to "send data to server" for a long time,
generating a lot of GSM traffic (more than 1Mb), but it takes several
minutes for the sync server to start the actual sync process.

I realize that these problems are a little "loose" in description, but maybe
these issues have been solved in the newest build?

Marcin Zastawny