Dear developers,

VISOCO Software announces the immediate availability of VISOCO dbExpress
driver for Sybase ASE (Linux/Unix edition) version 2.0!
With this new major version we brought our product to a new level of
performance and flexibility!

- NEW: Support of ASE 12.5 with Open Client 12.5.
Two in one. Since version 2.0 you gain two drivers. First is optimized for
operation with databases of versions 11.0-12.0, second only for version
This version was specially optimized for ASE 12.5. It doesn't work with the
old versions of ASE and Open Client. Some methods of the driver (especially
ISQLMetadata methods) were rewritten to use new features of the server.
As a result we got a significant enhancement of the performance.
- ALTERED: Numerous changes of the implementation of ISQLMetadata: support
of the search patterns, filtering by the object's name, filtering by the
name of the schema
- ALTERED: Improved GetProcedureParams method
- FIXED: Fixed the implementation of GetIndices method
- ALTERED: Some fixes of the implementation of ISQLConnection: correct
support of the quotation symbol (double quote), correct handling of
fully-qualified object names
- ADDED: New demo: StoredProc. We demonstrate using Stored Proc in this demo
- ADDED: New demo: BlobDemo. A simple demonstration how to load/unload text
files and image files to/from the BLOB field of the database.
- ALTERED: Some minor improvements of other methods
- FIXED: Some minor fixes.

Fully functional trial versions of the VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase
ASE with demos are available for download from our site

If you have suggestions or questions regarding our latest release, please
contact us anytime you like using our Email support address or through our forum at .

Best regards,
VISOCO Software Team