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Biz logic
I have a table called customer which has a unique index on name, address,
Which stops the user from inserting the same customer more than once.

However sometimes the same customer will visit different locations and that
customers details will be inserted into both remotes. 2 different remotes
insert the same
customer information (name, address, phone) but they have unique
customer #s. The unique customer number is due to the use of global

The problem about stopping this is that each customer_number is associated
with a sale_number. So if the dual customer is not inserted then the sale
becomes useless for reporting in the consolidated...Sales

That means you would have to do the following in your MobiLink scripts:
1. For the parent and all child tables upload your changes into

2. In the end_upload event, call a stored procedure.
The stored procedure goes through EACH row uploaded (in the parent
temporary table) and checks to see if the same unique index (with a
different primary key) is already in use in the consolidated

If it is, then for all the remaining CHILD tables, replace their
parent PK with the one you just found.

Then you must DELETE these rows from the REMOTE. This means you
must store the PK of the conflicting row in some table that you
would reference in your download_delete_cursor for the PARENT table.

You do NOT have to write download_delete_cursor's for the CHILD
tables since dbmlsync will automatically delete those rows when the
parent gets deleted, regardless of whether you use ON DELETE CASCADE
in your FK definitions.

Delete all rows from these temporary tables.