Good afternoon,

A month ago, my boss and a couple people (including me)
attended a webcast/demo on the iAnywhere Pylon Application
Server. We wanted to see what it looked like and what it
could do. It seemed like something we might want to use.

Two weeks ago, I was asked to download an evaluation copy of
the software, install it and test it. I've downloaded an
evaluation copy of the iAnywhere Pylon Application and I
found the time to install it last friday.

The install went very smoothly and everything seems to run

I created two views and one form in a Notes database we call
"Corporate Directory" and after configuring the iAnywhere
server (using the web interface), it syncs to the Pocket PC

However the sync time is about 7 minutes ... which is totaly

Then, I tried with one of our big databases (30 000 records)
which we really want to see on a PDA. So I repeated the
steps in that particular database: I created a view and a
form, configured the iAnywhere server and synced ... 20
minutes lated the sync failed saying that the file size is
too big on the Event Viewer-Application Log of the iAnywhere
server (but nothing on my computer screen or on the PDA to
let me know if failed). When re-trying to sync again, it
sometimes says "Timed-out" in the Event Viewer Application
log on the server.

Just an fyi, I've already tweaked the sync.conf.default file
on the server to handle large databases (as per the
instructions on page 78 of the Administrator Guide for the
iAnywhere Pylon Application Server.

Does anybody have any tips (or fixes) for ...

- Reducing the sync time to something halfway decent (2-3
minutes at max) ?
- Being able to sync large databases easily (and quickly) ?

Thank you and best regards,