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size of window

2 posts in Appeon (partner product) Last posting was on 2004-10-09 10:29:26.0Z
binita shah Posted on 2004-10-08 10:10:43.0Z
From: Binita Shah
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Subject: size of window
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1)I create static window. But when I run the application in
web environment after deployment , the size of window is
changed ? What is the solution of this problem.
2)At the time of running the splash window (inherited from
PFC )shows the control Menu.Why is it happen ?

Julie Jiang Posted on 2004-10-09 10:29:26.0Z
From: "Julie Jiang" <>
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Subject: Re: size of window
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The size of Appeon-deployed windows may be slightly different from that in
PowerBuilder. If there is major difference, we do need to look into it.

There are two known causes that may cause Window size difference: (1) the
environment: which operating system are you using? is the operating system
english (English system is recommended)? (2) there is unsupported script in the
resize event of the Window. Please first comment out the script in resize, and
deploy the application again. Check whether the window size is much different
from PowerBuilder.

If the above does not help you locate the problem, please send the error
screenshot, and provide more information to me:
1) Appeon version; EAServer version; IE version
2) Test case if possible, and the database files.

Regarding the splash window issue, the control menu displays if the ControlMenu
property is enabled. If you disable the property, the menu should disappear.


On 8 Oct 2004 03:10:43 -0700,
in sybase.public.appeon

<Binita Shah> wrote:
>1)I create static window. But when I run the application in
>web environment after deployment , the size of window is
>changed ? What is the solution of this problem.
>2)At the time of running the splash window (inherited from
>PFC )shows the control Menu.Why is it happen ?