Desta Ltd is announces that the Dw2xls library for PowerBuilder v10.x has been
released and is available on
Dw2xls for PB v5-v9 are supported too.

DW2XLS is the PowerBuilder library designed for export Datawindow & Datastore to
an Excel format with cell's formatting.


- Support of Freeform, Grid, Tabular, N-UP, Group and Crosstab styles
- Support of Text, Column, Expression types of DW objects
- Support of DropDownDW, DropDownListBox, Edit, Edit with Code Table and
EditMask edit styles of fields
- Convertation of set of Datawindows and Datastores to the separate spreadsheets
of Excel workbook
- Support of all data types
- Support of all kinds of text and data formatting
- OLE-components are not required
- 5+ Excel formats support
- Easy-to-use program interface
- Good technical support.

Demo version is also available.

Visit for more information about our products.

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