Is it possible to add the Timestamp control in DBFs, to setup the
Replication and pull only the records that change status?

The setup is:
Several Rermote Locations running ADS Novell Box(Latin America, not to fast
Internet Connections)
One Replication Server (Miami) Windows Box
One Main Server (New York) Windows Box

All interconected via VPN to be able to do the setup via LAN_IP and
LAN_PORT, avoiding the creation of the Data Dictionary for the AIS config,
and using the replication with free tables.

I want to replicate about 1 GB, but every time that i run the replication in
the Main server, Client, deletes first all the records and then add the same
records, even if the record did?t change.

I haven?t test what happend when the replication with all the countries run
at the same time updating to the same destination file. (Is it possible ?)
or i have to run one by one in a queue ? or Do i have to pull the info in
the main server in separate files and then concentrate to the main file ?

The replication is made at record level or at table level ?
For instance i want to concentrate and control the Sale status change in
Country, from Sales Order to Invoiced or remove a Sales Order canceled.

In the Main Sales table in NY concentrate,
Sale Number


By now we are pulling the info via Lotus Notes, and then running the queries
to Insert, Delete and Update, but they need a faster way to do this job. Is
it possible to do this with OneBridge ?