I have created an ancestor framework datawindow control by inheriting from
DataWindowControl. Everything is working great except I tried to call the
SortDialog and FilterDialog functions and they won't work. Nothing happens.
When I step through the debugger it is simply as if I never even executed
the line.

I have a button with the following code:

try {


}catch(exception ex)

and no exception, no dialog box etc. When I replace dwList with a
datawindowControl instead of my inherited object it works fine.

dwList is defined as public class DWAnc :

I've even tried casting back to the DataWindowControl with
((Sybase.DataWindow.DataWindowControl)dwList).DialogSort( ) and I get the
same issue.

Any ideas? I am using the retail version and have I tried installing the
EBF from pb10 (5032)