Hello - we are using M-Biz/Win2k to create a managed conduit
to a web system inside our firewall - that web systems alows
users to look-up people (phone directory) and send them a
pager message on their beeper - the conduit works well and
send the beep just as a user would from the any desktop web
interface - speed of page loading and beep submission is not
bad - the connection is don 'online' because of the size of
the phone directory and the need to verify the user beeper
id -

- the conduit is needed because the phone directory is only
available inside the firewall and web browsing is not
supported outside the firewall - M-Biz make this connection
easily -

- the problem is that 1 form submission through M-Biz on the
Treo results in the system sending 2, 3, 4 or more identical
beeps - all with different time stamps in sequence -

- there seems to be some echo of page reloads or cache
reposts or wireless reconnections or something? - in facts,
I've had echo beeps on the same message the following day -

- any ideas? -

- on the Palm M-Biz client, we've browsed away from the
'submit' web page, we've cleared the Palm conduit cache,
we've looked at the conduit settings - something sitting on
the Palm client that is resending the page submit?

- somehow somewhere there is a page refresh or resync, or
echo submit that is occuring -

- one person got 16+ pages from 1 beep submission -

chris owen