Simple questions ?

1. Is there any possibility to fire any event except "datachange" in PB
ole_1 object from OLE Excell (Offsite!)

What I need is:
- the user activates ole_1 object in PB. (blob is copied to ole_1.ObjectData
and Activate( OffSite! ) is fired)
- Excel opens workbooks
- the user selects single cell and then ... after pressing one key in Excel
such action should be performed in PB:
- the PB application should be activated !!!!
- the PB ole_1 event should be fired (doesn't matter which one except
"datachange") !!!
- the data from the selected cell, should be transfered to PB (if two
above work, getting data is easy)

2. Datawindow with blob column stops working after reading 25 or more rows
from database (Oracle) with blobs (excel, about 150K each blob). I suppose -
some memory leaks in PB.
Is it possible NOT to read blobs for all retrieved rows in datawindow, and
only for doubleclick (or <Enter>) activate blob from selected row.
Workaround is to set oleControl in window, selectblob, updateblob, scripting
etc. I wanted it to be simple.

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot.

PB 8.0.4 b.10726 (till tomorrow, then 10 :-) )
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Grzegorz Figurski (Grze`s)
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