I desparately need help with this question. We are
converting our old PB-Web application that used to run with
.asp on IIS on a Windows NT server with a SQL Server back
end. Now we have to use PB nvo's, .jsp, and java on
EAServer on a Sun Solaris server with a Sybase back end. We
had a consultant come help us get a structure set up that we
could continue to extend in order to convert our whole
application. Everything is coming along, except that we are
a multi-developer environment and can't figure out what to
use for source control for the .jsp, java, .js supporting
files, and indeed the entire directory structure that these
files are in. (We are using PB Native Source Control for
the PB components - no problems there.) We are trying to do
it manually, right now, but it is very cumbersome, and the
only development tool we have been provided/semi-trained on
for the .jsp etc is Eclipse which came bundled with PB 9 and
EAServer. All this stuff is VERY touchy as far as what
files go where and the multiple steps required in order to
build, export to a WAR file, deploy the WAR file, and so on,
before you can see your code actually working in a browser,
so we really need a way to keep the developers in sync with
access to some form of check-in and check-out, and the
ability to GLV files. Is anyone else doing this, and what
are you using for Source Control??? I have checked with
Microsoft Visual Source Safe, and they want $549/developer
for this tool, which my boss is not interested in
purchasing, because this is such a small part of our overall
development. Unfortunately for us, it is also a mission
critical part of our work in terms of public exposure. I
have downloaded WinCVS (open source tool) which was
recommended as a possibly option for us by some other
developers, but I am having a hard time even figuring out
how it is supposed to work - it seems overly complex when
all we want is a nice, simple check-in/check-out and GLV
like PB Native provides. Something I can administer without
memorizing a bunch of command prompt commands. I have
talked to Sybase Tech Support, and they can't help me,
because they can't suggest non-Sybase tools unless they are
partnered with the other company. They said J-Builder is
what they can recommend for java development, because they
are partners, but it is $4500/developer (and we would be
starting from scratch yet again training on how to do the
.jsp/java stuff using that tool.) We aren't java
developers, we are barely hanging in there as far as getting
our code converted to .jsp and java files and making it run
- so I don't even understand a lot of the java lingo on the
java sites or the CVS site. ANY suggestions would be very
much appreciated!


P.S. I'm posting this on several of the newsgroups hoping
to get a hit!