We have an application that connects from a workstation to a Pocket PC via
ASA (the database is running on the Pocket PC). For the
workstation we copy six files to the system32 folder:

07/29/2004 10:21 AM 172,032 dbcon9.dll
07/29/2004 10:25 AM 589,824 dblgen9.dll
07/29/2004 10:20 AM 454,656 dblib9.dll
07/29/2004 10:20 AM 569,344 dbodbc9.dll
07/29/2004 10:28 AM 626,688 dboledb9.dll
07/29/2004 10:28 AM 102,400 dboledba9.dll

Register dbodbc9.dll,dboledb9.dll, and dboledba9.dll dlls, and make this
registry entry:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\ProxyPorts]

This works fine on machines that have not had ASA installed, but
workstations that have had ASA installed/uninistalled/reinstalled fail when
connecting via the ODBC administrator. The original installation included
some additional dlls/exes that are not listed above such as dbeng9.exe and

Any direction would be appreciated.

Scott Ewine