Dear developers,

VISOCO Software announces the immediate commercial availability of the new
product - VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE.

In addition to supporting the providers within the .NET Framework, Delphi 8
includes Borland Data Providers for Microsoft .NET (BDP.NET).

BDP.NET is an implementation of the .NET Provider and connects to a number
of popular databases.
BDP.NET provides high performance architecture for accessing data sources
without a COM Interop layer. BDP.NET-managed components communicate with
these interfaces to accomplish all basic data access functionality. These
interfaces were implemented to wrap database-specific native client
libraries by way of Platform Invoke (P/Invoke) services. Depending on the
availability of managed database clients, you can implement a fully-managed
provider underneath BDP.NET.

For each supported server, BDP.NET uses provider as an independent assembly
that implements the common BDP.NET interfaces for processing queries and
stored procedures.

We offer database .Net provider to get access to Sybase ASE databases.

VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE provides high performance architecture for
accessing Sybase ASE database server.

Key features

* High performance data-access architecture;
* Direct access to Sybase ASE;
* Easy installation and distribution;
* Extends ADO.NET to provide interfaces for metadata services, schema
creation, and data migration;
* Written 100% in C#, using managed code;
* Full C# source code available;
* Free support for registered users;
* "Per developer" license without royalty fee.


* Borland Delphi for .Net 8
* Borland C# Builder
* Sybase ASE 12.5

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