i am quite new in Power Builder world so be gentle.
I am trying to create a rich text datawindow, in order to give to the user
the option to customize a report the way he/she wants (formating etc).
The problem is that on preview the dw works just fine. It fetches the data
from the database and shows them correctly. But when it comes to the print
preview the thing doesn't get to work. I have checked my sql too many times.
I am using the .Retrieve method to load data onto the report. Additional to
that when i close the rich edit print preview an re-retrieve data the PB
crashes. I am using PB 7.0.3 build 10312.
What am i doing wrong???
Is there a way to add rich text in normal report???

Thank you in advance

Andreas Hadjigeorgiou
"A New PB Programmer"