I'm doing backup procedures using Sybase ASA ver8.02 patch 4513. These are
the steps.

1. dbbackup -c "ENG=x;UID=x;PWD=x;LINKS=tcpip" -xo

2. dbbackup -c "ENG=x;UID=x;PWD=x;LINKS=tcpip" -y [directory]

3. dbbackup -c "ENG=x;UID=x;PWD=x;LINKS=tcpip" -y -t -x [directory]

4. dbtran -y [lognamefile.log]

5. dbisql -onerror continue -nogui -q -c "ENG=xwh;UID=x;PWD=x;LINKS=tcpip"
read [sqlnamefile.sql]

And these are the steps of the syntax.

1. insert into [table1name]

2. insert into [table2name]

3. insert into [table3name]

4. insert into [table2name]

5. update [table3name]

6. update [table1name]

7. update [table1name]

I've found some records missing. All of them tended to be located in the
transition between one backup log file and the next one.

Please inform me the explanations to overcome this problem.


Arias Tanti Hapsari (atantih@yahoo.com)