I am please to announce that the STD Foundation classes (version 2.0.1)
have been released to the CodeXchange server. This version matches the
identical release of PocketBuilder (version 2.0.1 - build 688). In this
version of the FC's I have made the following enhancements ...

1) New global function "fn_check_db_status" to help with generic DB checking
after any SQL operation.
2) New method in the "Application Controller" - of_is_vga_present ( )
This allows you to detect if the application is sensitive to a VGA equipped
3) New INI file parameter: VGA=Y/N
Allows you to set this for VGA devices. If set, the FC's will take
different drawing actions.
4) "ItemError" Event now coded on the DataStore "ns_ds_master" to log
5) "Error" Event now coded on the DataStore "ns_ds_master" to log problems.
6) ToolBar Control object's "oe_postConstructor" event code changed.
This will adjust the TB size for the presence of a VGA device!
7) Base Window "wn_master" CloseQuery event changed to allow easier
cancellation of a dialog,
This will allow the developer the ease to close the dialog with DB changes
8) Adjusted the SIP computation on the "Response" master window class (fine
9) General changes to the Resizing logic for VGA equipped devices.
10) Changed the "Logon" master to restore the SIP if you select the language
Work around for architectural problems in PPB 2.0.1.

I hope that you find these improvements useful and that the FC's help to
accelerate your application development experience with PocketBuilder.

Regards ... Chris
President: Software Tool & Die Inc.
aka: Great White North Technical Evangelist