My PB application calls a function of a java class. It works
fine within the PB9 IDE, but when I deploy it on
other two PCs, I got some errors. I install JDK 1.4 on both
PCs in directory c:\JDK1.4 . And I put
c:\JDK1.4\jre\bin\client in system varible PATH, CLASSPATH
as well. My application is installed in directory
c:\testApp. Files pbejbclient90.dll, pbejbclient90.jar,
pbjvm90.dll and my java class file testConnection.class are
all installed in c:\testApp. When I run my application and
function CreateJavaVM("", false) is called, one PC returns
-1. And the other returns -2.

I think all my settings is correct. Could somebody give me a
detail introduce how to deloy this kind of PB application?

Thanks a lot;