In v10.2 I think there's a problem with order of updating properties of a
PictureButton. When you change the image then the powertiptext, it reverts the
text to it's previous value in the powertip, but leaves it correct in the powertiptext
property (ie: they're now out of sync). Changing the powertiptext first leaves
everything correct.

Has anyone else seen this?

The way I'm using it is to change an image & the text for a dropdown options
window. The upper right is a min/max image button.

Here's the working code, it fails when powertiptext & picturename lines are

objectype is a picturebutton
event is clicked

if parent.height > 92 then
parent.height = 92
this.PowerTipText = "Show " + is_name
this.picturename = "uo_open.gif"
return -1
parent.height = il_uoheight
this.PowerTipText = "Hide " + is_name
this.picturename = "uo_close.gif"
return 1
end if

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