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Appeon Db Size

2 posts in Appeon (partner product) Last posting was on 2005-04-28 09:43:39.0Z
Augusto Hernandez Posted on 2005-04-27 15:05:54.0Z
From: Augusto Hernandez
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Subject: Appeon Db Size
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Do you know What determine the size of AppeonServer.db
Database in Appeon 2.8? Is it posibble to compact this
database to reduce te use od memory of Appeon Server?

Augusto Hernandez
Lima Peru

Julie Jiang Posted on 2005-04-28 09:43:39.0Z
From: "Julie Jiang" <>
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Subject: Re: Appeon Db Size
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Appeonserver.db stores confidential application configuration information,
DataWindow syntax, SQL syntax and licene information. Its size is
determined mainly by (1) the number of applications deployed to the server;
(2) the number of DataWindows and SQLs contained in the applications. The
file cannot be compressed.

If you want to reduce the size of the database, our recommendation is to
undeploy some less important applications from Appeon Server, using the
Appeon Developer Undeploy tool.


On 27 Apr 2005 08:05:54 -0700,
in sybase.public.appeon

<Augusto Hernandez> wrote:
>Do you know What determine the size of AppeonServer.db
>Database in Appeon 2.8? Is it posibble to compact this
>database to reduce te use od memory of Appeon Server?
>Augusto Hernandez
>Lima Peru